Tripolitania Construction



we have created Tripolitania Construction to fill the demand for remodeling and home improvement projects in the Ottawa area.

Tripolitania Construction, will look to become a leader in the home improvement industry. The initial focus will be on servicing homeowners in the Ottawa area. The team of expert contractors and service professionals forming Tripolitania Construction bring a combined 15 plus years of experience into the business and have worked on small and large scale projects. Tripolitania Construction will offer a wide variety of homeowner services including: Kitchen and bathroom remodeling, finishing basments, new window installation, siding, interlock, retaining wall,  and more. Tripolitania Construction has established relationships with top industry contractors to make your dreams come true. Tripolitania Construction will offer free in home consultations to review any size home remodeling project and assist with helping homeowners identify energy savings opportunities in their properties. Tripolitania Construction customers will also have the oppertunity to receive Air Miles.